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Full Service Incorporation for Limited Liability Company (LLC). Includes but not limited to drafting and submission of “Articles of Incorporation”, draft Operating Agreement, draft Organizational Minutes, procurement of EIN, name check and reservation with Secretary of State’s office, furnishment of banking resolutions. Includes first year’s Registered Agent’s fee, Articles of Incorporation filing fee, 2 certified copies of Articles, Initial list of Manager/Member filing fee, State Business License, Corporate Records Book (includes stock certificates, corporate seal, stock transfer ledger, IRS filing forms, organizational minutes, shareholder minutes, etc.)

  • Name must contain the words Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, Limited Liability, Limited, LLC, L.L.C., L.C., or Ltd.
  • For tax information, it is recommended that you consult your CPA.
  • Latest Date of Dissolution may be perpetual.
  • If more than one Manager/Member, please provide us with the name, address, ssn, and email of additional members.

For your convenience, we offer the option to pay your invoice online. Transaction fee applied upon payment submittal: 2% with Credit Card or 6% via PayPal.

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