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Legal Advantages of a Nevada Corporation

Not intended to be legal advice, for discussion purposes only.


  • Piercing the corporate veil in Nevada requires the presence of “fraud” or “manifest injustice”. This is the highest standard for personal indemnification available. NRS 78.138 (7)
  • Charging order protection for stock of closely held corporations protects stockholders of all Nevada corporations with between 2 and 75 shareholders. Nevada is the first and only state to offer this level of shareholder protection! NRS 78.746
  • Nevada’s charging order protection statute protects S corporations from losing their federal S election in the event of a judgment against a shareholder. This prevents potentially significant negative tax consequences. NRS 78.746
  • Corporate directors have greater flexibility in consenting to corporate actions. NRS 78.115 – 78.140
  • Reinstatement of entities has the legal impact as if the corporation had always been in good standing, thus preserving the corporate veil. NRS 78.180(5)
  • Dissenting shareholders prohibited from voting shares or receiving dividends in certain circumstances. NRS 92A.380(3)
  • Efficient, predictable Business Court minimizes the costs and risks of business litigation.
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