Brougher-Bath Mansion


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Our reputation has grown over the past decades because of our commitment to these founding principles. Dedication to our clients made CORPORATE SERVICES OF NEVADA the leading incorporation company and business fulfillment service provider in Nevada and now we have expanded nationwide. CORPORATE SERVICES NETWORK offers full service incorporation for ALL 50 STATES in the United States. Our devotion to client satisfaction enables us to guarantee a level of service and expectation other companies’ only hope to achieve. When time is of the essence (and when is it not?) be confident that we provide the service you expect and have been doing so for over 24 years.

Our Historic Office

Located just two blocks from the Nevada Secretary of State, our Corporate Headquarters is the Brougher-Bath Mansion at 204 W. Spear Street. This impressive structure was built in 1903-04 by Wilson Brougher, a state senator who made his fortune during Tonopah’s silver strike at the turn of the century. Brougher moved to Carson City after he purchased the Arlington Hotel on Carson Street. He built this mansion adjacent to the hotel, now long gone, and incorporated a number of unique design features including a two-story circular porch, stained glass windows and a wonderful circular tower that gives the structure the appearance of a castle. Ernest Bath, the city’s postmaster, purchased the mansion in 1937 and lived there with his family for more than 40 years. It has recently been restored and is currently used for our offices, conferences, and meeting facilities.