Full Service Incorporation

Prices Vary By State


  • Administrative Set-up Includes, but not limited to, drafting and submission of “Articles of Incorporation”, draft BY-LAWS, draft Organizational Minutes, procure EIN, name check and reservation with Secretary of State’s Office, furnish banking resolutions, provide county/city licensing requirements, etc.
  • First year’s Registered Agent fee All Corporations are required to have a Registered Agent located in the State of incorporation, per NRS 78.090. (Includes mail forwarding of 5 pcs. per month avg.) –
  • “Articles of Incorporation” filing fee with Secretary of State (Additional fees may apply for expedited filings or additional stock)
  • 2 certified copies of “articles” (1 copy for client’s records, 1 copy for R/A records.)
  • Initial List of Officers and Directors filing fee with Secretary of State
  • State Business License
  • Corporate Records Book Includes stock certificates, corporate seal, stock transfer ledger, IRS filing forms, organizational minutes, shareholder minutes, etc.

Options & Adjustments (Nevada & Delaware Only):

- Incorporation with stock value over $75,000:

  • $75,001 and not over $200,000 +$200.00
  • $200,001 and not over $500,000 +$300.00
  • $500,001 and not over $1,000,000 +$400.00
  • For each additional $500,000 or fraction thereof over $1,000,000 +$300.00 (to a maximum fee of +$35,000)
  • For the purpose of computing the filing fee, the value (capital) represented by the total number of shares authorized in the Articles of lncorporation is determined by computing the:
  • (a) total authorized shares multiplied by their par value; or
  • (b) total authorized shares without par value multiplied by $1.00; or
  • (c) the sum total of (a) and (b) above.

Filing fees are calculated on a minimum par value of one-tenth of a cent, regardless if the stated par value is less.

- Annual Minutes, Bylaws, Amendments, EIN, Name Availability, Nevada Business Registration,
Records Maintenance, etc.
$125.00 / hour
- Set of 20 Stock Certificates$45.00 plus tax and shipping.
- Corporate Seal only – $20.00 plus tax and shipping
- Expidite Fee$125.00

Call us for rates on:
* Offshore Corporations and Trusts
* Aged Nevada Corporations with first year Registered Agent
* Annual Officers / Directors / Fiduciary services